Josephine felt weightless. Without form and without worry. She cascaded along the lightwaves in an unseen spectrum. The medication, if you can call it that, performed as advertised.

In an hour’s time she’d go home and take the most relaxing nap of her short life. This was privilege, though the price for admission was a very disturbed mind. The pharmaceutical company called the treatment “experimental with an acute therapeutic upside.”

The benefits would manifest after six to eight rounds of treatment, her doctor claimed. “A nurse will monitor your vitals and record all your reactions, so please feel free to share.”

Josephine did talk, but wasn’t quite sure if her words matched her thoughts. She was severely dissociated and her ability to speak was limited to odd bursts that she couldn’t clearly recall afterwards. The nurse was helpful and took down notes when appropriate. She was experienced with these procedures and knew what the patients needed.

Eyes still closed, Josephine came back to reality. Her mother was waiting and would undoubtedly pepper her with questions; hoping to see the smile come back to her daughter’s face. She desperately wanted to step out into the lobby and tell her mom that she was okay. But lying wouldn’t make her better.

© 2021 Jeff E. Brown. All rights reserved.

By jebrownwriter

Houston, TX-based Writer and Photographer. Proud pet rescuer who spends nearly all his money on them.

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