Dean and Mary

Dean: “Yes, I am wearing a turtleneck. And you don’t have to laugh. At least it’s a nice color.”

Mary: “I thought we were going out. We can’t do that now.”

Dean: “Because of the turtleneck? Really?”

Mary: “I have standards and you should as well. You’re not a young man anymore, I realize, but the turtleneck is not in style. If it ever was.”

Dean: “No offense taken. None at all.”

Mary: “We all need honest friends. Especially in these troubled times.”

Dean: “It’d be less troubling if I could wear what I like.”

Mary: “But you want to look your best, right? Let’s just take a look at your closet. We’ll find something less nineties. Flattering for your profile.”

Dean: “We are going to sit in the dark for two hours and I should worry about my profile?”

Mary: “Love blooms in strange places, Dean.”

Dean: “I’m not blossom hunting. I just want to watch a movie. You’re the one looking for love.”

Mary: “Love? I’d settle for mild interest. I’m a twice-divorced, fifty year old woman. The clock is barely even ticking anymore.”

Dean: “Don’t throw a pity party here. You have your charms, you know.”

Mary: “Do tell.”

Dean: “Well, let’s start with your wit- pretty killer. And your calves are just right.”

Mary: “Thanks, but you’ve got no chance now. I’ve seen you in your turtleneck. It’s all ruined.”

Dean: “I’ll go change.”

© 2021 Jeff E. Brown. All rights reserved.

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