The visible presence of law enforcement should have frightened him, but this was normal now, so he didn’t flinch. Every street corner: tactical gear, riot helmets and guns. Anger in equal measure emanated from the civilians just trying to get around the scrum of police. They were people like him who only wanted to get on with their days and never did anything to deserve this kind of a crackdown.

The question he had on his mind was, “Who did deserve to have hundreds of cops camped out in their neighborhood?” The answer was quick and obvious: no one. This kind of police action was something out of a fascist state. He wasn’t even a political guy, but when it gets personal we all are.

He made his way down the block, jostling and lurching through the crowd, to the blocked lobby of his apartment building. Two heavily-armed riot cops manned the door and stared right through him as he approached. It was clear they were not going to let him pass. He stopped and turned away for a moment, wondering if he should try to stand up for himself and tell them he has every right to go inside to his own home. It sounded reasonable to him. He paid taxes and rent and figured he was a decent enough citizen, but would any of that matter if they cracked his skull open here on the sidewalk?

© 2021 Jeff E. Brown. All rights reserved.

By jebrownwriter

Houston, TX-based Writer and Photographer. Proud pet rescuer who spends nearly all his money on them.

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