The Film

We were fortunate that the local government didn’t review our permits very closely. They never would’ve allowed us to shoot a film about corruption and two men in love in this or any town. We shot in five different locations here for about three weeks and that got us almost all of the coverage we needed. We picked up some B-roll down by the sea and wrapped under budget.

It’s a dramatic story, eloquently told by some terrific young talents. The music is subtle and emotional in all the right places. The cinematography is strong, but not too showy like a lot of new filmmakers. It serves the story well. My favorite element is the chemistry between the three lead actors. Every scene rings true because of their commitment and openness.

The distribution won’t be a problem in and of itself because we can always release it online. The problem, as always with something low budget from and from unknown creatives, is getting eyeballs to watch it. How do we market it so that we can make a little money off of this film we loved making?

This is where you and your team come in. All we ask is that you watch it and consider helping us out. If you don’t believe in the potential- fair enough. We know the score. But give us two hours. You won’t regret it.

© 2021 Jeff E. Brown. All rights reserved.

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