“Intriguing thoughts don’t always make for the best night’s sleep. I’m an anxious guy, so they go from positive to negative much faster than I’d prefer and then I end up rolling them over and over in my noggin until I eventually wear myself out.”

“I’m full of expansive ideas about all kinds of things: new businesses, novels and movies. However, I lack the required funds to bring any of them to fruition and that is where you enter the picture. You’re known to be shrewd and cagey, which I’m betting is how you made your fortune. I appreciate that you are a busy woman and I won’t waste your time.”

“What I want you to appreciate is that I am a renaissance man. Arrayed in front of you are synopses of my top projects. You can pick any of them up and realize how much potential is there-not only creatively-but most importantly, to make a lot of money. Your buy-in is low and the upside is unreal. How do you project the profit on something that could launch a cultural movement? I say that you can’t and that is why you should back me now with a small investment focusing on any one of these projects. Any questions?”

© 2021 Jeff E. Brown. All rights reserved.

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