The contours changed overnight. He wasn’t privy to the reasons why, but the change was undeniable. She left for work without saying a word to him, getting dressed and eating before he did, then quietly leaving to catch the train. They hadn’t argued in weeks. Perhaps that was the problem-things were quiet and she liked a bit of drama. She admitted early on that she got bored easily: with jobs, hobbies and people. He never took that seriously until now and he was terrified it was too late.

He loved her without reservation, knowing full well that she wasn’t the type to stay with anyone for the long haul. It was reckless of him. He ought to have protected his heart, given his history, but she mesmerized him with her combination of unassuming beauty, mystery and curious intellect. He felt grateful just to be in her dizzying orbit.

He texted and called her in a sad pattern throughout the day, with no success. By late afternoon he decided to go to her job and look for her, knowing it reeked of desperation. As he pulled into the lot he saw her exit the building and get into a car he didn’t recognize. The tail lights faded into the distance and he knew then that she was gone forever.

© 2021 Jeff E. Brown. All rights reserved.

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