If you needed my assistance, as you first claimed, it seems to me that you would have heeded my advice about how to approach our mutual acquaintance. She was flighty by nature, but her current circumstances meant that she was tilting towards paranoid. As such, I insisted that caution was a must if you wanted to speak with her at all.

My assistant was planning to reach out to her the day you mucked it all up. How are you supposed to help her now that we can’t find her? She was as safe as she could ever be up until yesterday. Bored, but safe. The fact that we’ve lost her means that anyone could have her. That isn’t a comforting thought for me, so I know it must really disturb you.

The question I have for you, with your all of your security know how, is how do we go about finding her and then what do we do to protect her in this leaky town. Trust is a two way street no matter where you live so I must know if you can be relied on now that you’ve made a mess of things with her. Do you deserve a second chance?

© 2021 Jeff E. Brown. All rights reserved.

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