I don’t know my role any longer. Perhaps I never understood it and that is why I’m struggling now? When this organization started, I was there; doing all of the little, but necessary, things to get it off the ground. I didn’t crave attention or even respect at that stage. I was merely excited to be a part of something so innovative and new. I believe we all felt a sense of purpose that a lot of people wish they had experienced at least once in life.

But as we blasted off with money, new staff and wild expectations, we started to gradually lose sight of the goal and got wrapped up in the potential. As a result, we fell back to earth and work became work and the mission was muddled with infighting and anxieties.

Office romances imploded dramatically and unflattering online profiles drove off new investors. Through it all, I still did whatever was required and sometimes what was not. That is where I lost myself and it is why I have to tell you that today is my last day. I hope you all land firmly on your feet having learned from our experience here that there is a better way to work: together.

© 2021 Jeff E. Brown. All rights reserved.

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