I have no desire to talk to my electronic devices. I barely speak to any real people on my phone, so why would I want to ask Siri to find me movie locations? We fool ourselves into thinking we are saving time and multi-tasking: more productive so that we can make more money, so that we can buy more stuff.

Right now, you’re assuming I’m old as hell, but I’m only twenty-three. And it’s not like I’m a turntable-loving, recycled paper planner-sporting, techno-phobic rube. I have to work like most everybody else and that means I have to use technology. I just fear that we’ve fallen in love with technology for technology’s sake. We use it because it’s there and not necessarily because it’s needed. We solve for problems that aren’t real problems because we want to show that an algorithm can do something a person can do and I feel like it’s the new masturbation.

You’re also going to say that I’m using the internet to publish this rant and that kind of takes the air out of my arguments. Valid point, much to my consternation. I have to wave the white flag on the platform front, but my overall perspective remains true, as far as I’m concerned.

© 2021 Jeff E. Brown. All rights reserved.

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