This situation and the way you’re acting doesn’t agree with me. But you know what does-my subconscious. My thoughts right now are in total alignment with my subconscious patterns. I sense them in that waking-dream flash right before my alarm every morning. It’s like a short burst of raw insight that doesn’t always translate in my actions, but later in the day it will hit me: I’m exactly who I should be, right now, right here and I don’t need to apologize for it.

It’s not some life coach bullshit or anything like that. This is the true experience of someone who finally made the connection that others struggle with their whole life long. I am okay with who I am and the choices I have made. Doesn’t mean I’m right. This isn’t about judgement or morality. Not even close. It is about accepting yourself and being aware of the deep signals your mind, or your soul, if you prefer, is sending you on a regular basis.

I am not asking you to agree or to praise me. I don’t want anything from you besides companionship. Have some fun, maybe relate on an open and honest level, without a bunch of outside stressors bringing us down. I only wanted to explain myself a bit in the hopes that you will put down the knife.

© 2021 Jeff E. Brown. All rights reserved.

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