A Friend

“What if the problem is that you can’t accept happiness? That you don’t believe anything good could ever happen to you. I’ve known you almost our whole lives and you’ve always been like this. We don’t have to know the reason why, do we? Maybe it is enough to say ‘I am not letting myself feel good and I can choose to at least allow for the possibility of something better’”

“Crack the door open. Nobody’s saying you have to turn into a dopey optimist. Just try to believe that you are due a positive experience in this life. The world spins around and good things happen to other people all the time. It’s a statistical reality when you get down to it.”

“You will know joy. I can’t say how long it might last, but I look at you and think that my friend, who has been through trauma upon trauma, is the next person who will have a smile on his face. I believe there will be a light in your eyes.”

© 2021 Jeff E. Brown. All rights reserved.

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