Gene and Ewa

He had a boxer’s nose and a disarming smile. It didn’t seem to fit with his mercurial moods, but the longer you were around him, the more it all worked as a whole. He was Gene-take it or leave it. Most people left it because he required so much emotional energy to be with, but it didn’t faze him. He never stopped to take account for anything. Full speed ahead and no rear view mirrors for him.

I wondered why Ewa stayed with Gene. Was she madly in love or in some sort of psychic need for punishment from her partner? Probably a bit of both. She certainly deserved better, from my adoring perspective, at least.

She was boyish with her attire, but lovely in a way that required no embellishments. She only spoke when she had something to say. Utterly unlike any man or woman I’d ever met. But she saw a light in Gene that, frankly, just wasn’t there and I’ll never forgive myself for not doing more to convince her to leave.

As I look down on her now, ashen and hooked up to all manner of hospital gear, I feel rage. Rage that I am going to direct on Gene, if he ever makes it out of jail.

© 2021 Jeff E. Brown. All rights reserved.

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