Jerald: “There’s no need to play coy.”

Irina: “I’m not coy and I’m not playing.”

Jerald: ”Well, you are defensive. No matter what I say, you try to shut me down.”

Irina:”No. I simply don’t want you to open your mouth. That’s different than being defensive.”

Jerald:”You liked my open mouth when we were on that couch last night. You begged for more.”

Irina:”Don’t confuse drunken lust with any desire for me to converse with you now. It’s time for you to leave.”

Jerald:(glowering) “I thought you liked me.”

Irina:”Because I let you eat me? Honey, I didn’t even reciprocate. I slept. That should say it all.”

Jerald turns to leave, but audibly grunts in despair.


The front door slams shut as he leaves. Irina chortles as sits down on the couch. Her roommate, Kleo, walks in.

Kleo:”That guy left a stink in here. How can you sit on that couch?”

Irina:”My body. My choice.”

© 2021 Jeff E. Brown. All rights reserved.

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