A Battle Joined

You come armed with what?

Your wits and a sense

That something’s not right.

It will take more than that

To beat back the night

And the hordes of ignorance

Born from this generational blight.

Steel yourself any way that you can,

For the fight is coming

To every woman and man.

Sides will be chosen-

Morals be damned.

We’re in a mêlée

From now till the last one goes down.

Choose your weapon

And fight for your family or freedom,

Because it’s washed over us all

The thick fury of fate-

All sweat and battery

Driven onward by animalistic hate.

It may be too soon

To think of victory,

But be assured we will triumph

And rebuild as one, alive and free.

© 2021 Jeff E. Brown. All rights reserved.

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