The Bee’s Knees

“I’m tired of the beekeeper metaphor. The beekeeper symbolism. Too many movies and books leaning so hard on the quirky or aloof beekeeper to try to express something they are too lazy to write another way. Is that dickish to say? Maybe so. It just seems like I’ve seen it way too often the last few years. Perhaps it says more about my taste than the writer’s laziness? “

“Did you like your Bat Mitzvah gift? I tried to give you something aspirational, but also age-appropriate. It was a tough task, if I’m honest. You’re a peculiar one, but in a really interesting fashion. Unique and defiant in a way you’re mother definitely was not. And I am not speaking out of turn here. She’d be the first to admit she’d like a do-over on her teenage crisis years.”

“I’ll be in town in January, so we must go to that Lebanese place by your school. You know I almost overdose on it every time. You’d think I’d be a bit more responsible what with the diabetes diagnosis last year, but I guess I am weak. Farewell, sweet Leah. I’ll text you when I land.”

© 2021 Jeff E. Brown. All rights reserved.

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