“You once might’ve passed for able-bodied, just looking at the outer shell, but I know who you really are. You’re mentally weak-you give in to suggestions that always end up badly for you-and you have no loyalty to the people who’ve stood by you. Sometimes all you have left is the one crazy friend who sees something redeemable in you, yet you throw that away over skirt-chasing or schemes destined for failure.”

“The list of betrayals is petty and epic. I’m not sure I could enumerate them if I tried. But what you do have is a wicked sense of humor unlike anyone I’ve ever met. It’s unique, caustic and so specific in its observations. Why you can’t train your mind to use that to turn around the spiral of compounding disasters, I don’t know. It’s a gift and a burden.”

“What I’m trying to work through today is why I still want to be in the same room with you after the stunt you pulled with Marg. It was degrading (even though there was some truth in what you said) and I am quite sure she will never want to see your sorry ass again. Help me find a reason to stick up for you with my sister. Help me see something human in you that is not apparent to the rest of us.”

© 2021 Jeff E. Brown. All rights reserved.

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