Cascading Mistakes


A man and a woman are talking. She is pacing and he is sitting in a lounger.

Mariella: “What happens? On the day.”

Jackie: “We’ve been over this. Literally scripted it out. Don’t you have it down?”

Mariella: “Just nervous, I suppose. There’s so much riding on this. More than I ever expected.”

Jackie: “Which is why we’ve prepared. You’ve got this. I know it.”

Mariella: “I appreciate your confidence, but this whole thing hinges on two people who’ve shown themselves to be erratic, at best. Gil and Oren don’t have a track record of working with people for very long and some of those people have vanished. Not very inspiring as a business model, or for living.”

Jackie: “Which is why we break it off first. Make our dollars and bolt. It can work.”

Mariella: “I wish there was another way.”

Jackie: “Another way to make six figures, almost overnight? No. Our mistakes have backed us into this. But that doesn’t make this move a mistake. Not if we get out and disappear.”

Mariella: “Float away on a pillow of cash, eh?”

Jackie: “Exactly. Trust me.”

© 2022 Jeff E. Brown. All rights reserved.

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