Fiction Prose

Write It All Down

“You have to write it down for me on a piece of paper or a notebook. The words will come. New and fantastic linguistic abilities you didn’t know you had, because the situation requires it. Write with purpose and consequence, as I would were it me with the pen. You are bearing witness to astounding and perplexing events, but you are also serving a friend now. I’m incapacitated in ways that simply wouldn’t allow me to be the one to tell the world about all that happened here tonight. I’ll be gone soon and that isn’t something that should weigh on you. You’ll rise to this occasion and move on to handle any repercussions that follow. I’m going to rest and when I wake, I know you will be gone, armed with words more powerful than any of the accusers or deniers.”

© 2022 Jeff E. Brown. All rights reserved.

By jebrownwriter

Houston, TX-based Writer and Photographer. Proud pet rescuer who spends nearly all his money on them.

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