An Observed Life


These smirking waistbandsAre no friends of mine.Pounds go upAnd the food goes down.Can’t keep it upOr I won’t stick around.Popping…

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Good Times

We’d go swimming with the stingrays.We wanted to make the most of our days.We only drank the best whiskeys.We got…

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Don’t let them tell you off.This world doesn’t appreciate you,But that’s alright.You’re a spotlight,Whether they like it or not. ©…

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Kurdish dolls and analogiesAll in one room.Beverages to delightWith LEDs so bright.Bean bagsAnd droll friends.A party of sorts.The kind full…

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We’re the crossover episodeNobody ever asked for.Watched, but wished away.Like our parents did back in the day.“Go away, little one,…

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