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What the Night Takes

As night descends, I wonder what it will take me from this time. Dreams unfold into lucid nightmares where I’m rebuked for my crimes, both real and imagined. I am so drained, but I retain my anxious core as I push back sleep. Of course, I will lose. The question is how much? © 2022 […]

No Friend of Mine

You’ve gone and lost the plot, clearly. I’m your friend here. I am on your side and yet you question me like I’m the one who did it. I’m always here to reassure you, to build you up and now you fly in all wild-eyed and full of accusations and I should just lay back […]


It wasn’t spiritual, but I was in awe. The pulsating beat, crescendo after crescendo, then the light. The wash and the feel of the lights. Oh, to experience that again. © 2022 Jeff E. Brown. All rights reserved.

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